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NYC in 7 hours

Last Saturday one of my long time dreams became true. Going to New York City! We took a bus from DC at 7 am and came back the same night. The exact second we arrived to New York and I saw the tall buildings raising up to the sky, I felt totally amazed. At the same time I could not believe I was actually there but I was insanely happy to actually be there. The busy streets impressed me instantly and though the whole trip I enjoyed the huge amount of people, cars, shops, buildings... The action, movement and excitement.

Because we only had about 7 hours for sight-seeing, we walked a lot and at the end of the day the whole group was exhausted. It was still totally worth it and I feel very blessed to have got the chance to see all that. As a tourist I´m not very concentrated; I don´t know the names of all the places we went to. And defenately can not tell you in which part of the city which place is. But luckily one picture is worth a thousand words, right?

As it is super easy to get bea…

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